Lots of New “New” and New “Used”

Come visit and check out over 150 recent arrivals of both new and used books from some of our favorite publishers including MIT Press, Yale University Press, Tate Publications plus overseas publishers such as 010 Editions, Roma Publications and IDEA Books (Netherlands), Les Presses du Real (France), Ridinghouse and Bookworks (England) and other small presses from around the globe.  Titles include books on artists (Agnes Martin, Vasarely, Judd, Basquiat), theory and criticism (Ranciere, Derrida), design (Jan Van Toorn, How to Wrap 5 Eggs), fashion (Gaultier, Courreges), photography (Oolong the Bunny, Marcopolous), architecture (Yoshigi, Piano, Kuma) and urban planning (Collage City, Designing a Region).  Here’s a sampling of the lineup: